The Author is a recovering Christian. After years and years of working in churches as a pastor, worship leader, evangelist and more, The Author has been compelled by powerful reasoning to admit that Christianity isn’t true.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. JRDS said

    the thought intrigues me…”post-christianity”. i am a Christian, and i share most of what you have testified to as far as circumstance. i have come up with many questions, and so few answers to so many things. i have always been afraid of how others would accept my thoughts, my questions, my feelings. i love to write, and so poetry became my outlet. the first time i was published was the first time i allowed anyone to see these thoughts, and their reactions were exactly as i feared. i was a freak. my family, my friends, they love me best as the perfect child, and so under that alias i remain. as i try to break out, i asked some of my questions in Bible study to a woman i trusted dearly, and she said “if i had those thoughts, i would cut my wrists”. and for the first time i knew i wasn’t a freak. these thoughts, that i am so often told to ignore or supress, they are normal, only i refuse to let them pass. i want to think about everything in my life. i want to think about why i trust GOD and why i follow HIM, i need to. but there are also times, when i have to let HIM move, i have to be still, calm my thougts, and know that HE is GOD. what you write is an encouragement to me, and to my faith, as strange as it may seem…


  2. JRDS said

    i have a question. how do you find purpose in living apart from God? what do you live for?

  3. exxn said

    This is a good question; I think I should dedicate a whole post to it instead of just one comment…

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